This programme aims not only to enrich each child's food knowledge, but also encourages the tasting of different foods and experiencing of new textures.

Culinary Kids offers the following:

  • One 40 minute lesson each week to take place at your child's school;
  • Lessons themed according to each month eg. Mother's Day, Halloween, Healthy eating habits, Proudly South African and more;
  • Lessons which shall involve educational elements and a chance for each child to create their own culinary masterpiece as per the weekly theme and recipe/s; and
  • A registration fee which shall entitle each child to
    • a Culinary Kids apron,
    • a Culinary Kids container (to take home each week's  innovative culinary creation),
    • and a certificate and rosette at the Culinary Kids Awards each year end.

For only R 200.00 per child per month, as well as a once off registration fee of R 100.00

We trust that the above has tantalised your taste buds and whet your appetites for exciting foodie times ahead.